Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whitney Houston : 27th February 2010 : Live Hunter Valley

Poor Whitney, love you girl, but hasn't all those drugs seriously fucked you up!
Whitney did a Britney, for her live (cough) shows here in Australia, getting bad reviews conscientently.
Due to the constant battering in the news, our expectations for the show were low, but we made the most of it anyway. She played at a small outdoor venue, in the Hope Estate Winery, yes we guzzled the wine to make the whole experience more entertaining, but this is where Whitney delievered, she had us entertained for the whole show, almost a comedy act at some points.

So the 8,000 plus crowd enjoyed the following:
1. 2 superbly lip-synched songs, with some choreography that any 46 year old would be proud of.
2. A band terrified what to do next, incase Whitney would slap them one, that included the back up vocalists.
3. A grab a young girl from the audience, and make friends with my daughter moment, or several minutes.
4. A talk to the "full moon" experince, looking up in the sky and having a conversation with it.
5. A greatest hits medley of 4 songs, in about 3 minutes, with included coughing, and mismatched words.
6. The back up vocalists singing on their own 2 of her biggest hits
7. The personal Phone Line to Jesus, and chating to him for a few minutes.
8.Step by Step performed with the following repeated lines directly to the band " Get to the verse, get to the verse" then " Get to the end , get to the end"
(Actually this was the highlight of the night, we were in stitches!!)
 9. A video montage of her through the years, Wow babe you were wonderful! Whilst her beautiful classic One Moment In Time played..she was on another break.
10.Attempted singing I Will Always Love You , complete with a few coughs, 3 breaks, including drink , food, and snort break whilst still performing it adequately, but really is that good enough.

I genuinely feel sorry for her, Bobby helped ruin her life, she looked distance, almost not there, as if the real Whitney did not exist I hope she gets better, cause it was a shame to see such a talented artist disintergrate to a mess like that! God she's calling you, respond please!


ww_adh said...

How great that you got to see Whitney live, even if she wasn't in good form. That the tour isn't great is getting press over here. She really prompted the band to rush through "Step by Step?" That's crazy.

A1 said...

yeah, it was hilarious, but on reflection very sad, what a waste of talent!
and..see George Michael faultless twice, just made her performance less memorable!