Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gabriella, Chill Me!

Gabriella Cilmi's new single, the first from the forthcoming album "10" is quite pop, very Aussie pop actually.
Initially I wasn't sold on it, but after a few more listens it's a pretty impressive follow up from a great first album. The intro and first verse is by far the best bit, sampling heavily Joe Jackson's Steppin Out, which I vaguley remember as a child.
As for the video, Little Gabi has grown up looking damn hot...Chill Me!


Paul said...

loving this song, it grew on me really quickly and then solidified it's appeal at the pub played loud this weekend :)

daniela said...

i'm not convinced on this one yet anton but i will give it another go and let you know. luv ya! d

Matt said...

i agree I love it! :)

ww_adh said...

Is this "On a Mission?" Vevo won't let me listen, but I looked it up. Seems like a fun song. I don't remember her being sassy like this before.