Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whitney Houston : 27th February 2010 : Live Hunter Valley

Poor Whitney, love you girl, but hasn't all those drugs seriously fucked you up!
Whitney did a Britney, for her live (cough) shows here in Australia, getting bad reviews conscientently.
Due to the constant battering in the news, our expectations for the show were low, but we made the most of it anyway. She played at a small outdoor venue, in the Hope Estate Winery, yes we guzzled the wine to make the whole experience more entertaining, but this is where Whitney delievered, she had us entertained for the whole show, almost a comedy act at some points.

So the 8,000 plus crowd enjoyed the following:
1. 2 superbly lip-synched songs, with some choreography that any 46 year old would be proud of.
2. A band terrified what to do next, incase Whitney would slap them one, that included the back up vocalists.
3. A grab a young girl from the audience, and make friends with my daughter moment, or several minutes.
4. A talk to the "full moon" experince, looking up in the sky and having a conversation with it.
5. A greatest hits medley of 4 songs, in about 3 minutes, with included coughing, and mismatched words.
6. The back up vocalists singing on their own 2 of her biggest hits
7. The personal Phone Line to Jesus, and chating to him for a few minutes.
8.Step by Step performed with the following repeated lines directly to the band " Get to the verse, get to the verse" then " Get to the end , get to the end"
(Actually this was the highlight of the night, we were in stitches!!)
 9. A video montage of her through the years, Wow babe you were wonderful! Whilst her beautiful classic One Moment In Time played..she was on another break.
10.Attempted singing I Will Always Love You , complete with a few coughs, 3 breaks, including drink , food, and snort break whilst still performing it adequately, but really is that good enough.

I genuinely feel sorry for her, Bobby helped ruin her life, she looked distance, almost not there, as if the real Whitney did not exist I hope she gets better, cause it was a shame to see such a talented artist disintergrate to a mess like that! God she's calling you, respond please!

Friday, February 26, 2010

George Michael : Sydney 26th February 2010 : Review

Amazingly Flawless 10/10

It was a perfect summers evening in Sydney that night, and the music that Michael delivered matched it perfectly. The 45,000 plus crowd justifiably stayed on their feet whatever Michael gave us. Vocally absolutely perfect, song to song, and the charasmatic entertainer enthralled all. As like Perth, the opener followed Fastlove, Father Figure, and I'm Your Man, but the next ballad, reducing me to tears was You Have Been Loved, was it especially for Sydney?, I do not know, but hearing that live, something I wanted for over 12 years, was a dream come true. But it did not end there!
For Perth he belted out Praying For Time, and the unusual song choice of Hard Day, but Sydney got the timeless awe inspiring  A Different Corner, equally an unbeliable classic, making every second a memory never to be forgotten. Possibly the inclusion of My Mother Had A Brother, also escalted the most emotion heartfelt evening a night with George all the more personal and definitiely the once-in-a lifetime experience.
As like Perth, and thank you again, Amazing, Flawless (Go To The City) and Outside, were absolute club stompers, creating an adrenaline rush of epic proportions, ealier Everything She Wants, and Too Funky were just as energitic. Special note to An Easier Affair, obvioulsy a favourtie of Michael's with his special introduction celebrating the ability to enjoy life, no matter what!
The encore of Careless Whisper and the masterful Freedom 90' highlighted the admiration of us there, his screaming, elated, adoring fans!

Perth was amazing, but Sydney it was flawless!

Songlist for both not mentioned in above review : Faith, Feeling Good, Roxanne, One More Try
Songlist Perth Only : Praying for Time, Hard Day
Songlist Sydney Only : You Have Been Loved, A Different Corner, My Mother Had A Brother, Star People, Freedom 90'

Melbourne changes? ..will let you know this coming Thursday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1386

Top 20 Singles  Week : 1386 

Week Ending : 16th February 2010

tw lw ti hp title artist

1   8 2 1 Rocket Goldfrapp

 2 5 1 Telephone Lady Gaga ftg Beyonce

 1 5 1 Rock That Body Black Eyed Peas

4   4 3 4 You've Changed Sia

5   5 3 5 Soldier Of Love Sade

6   13 2 6 Doubt Delphic

7   7 4 7 3 Words Cheryl Cole


 12 2 9 Memories David Guetta Kid Cudi

10   11 2 10 Pursuit Of Happiness Kid Cudi MGMT Ratatat

11   3 5 3 Undisclosed Desires Muse


13   14 2 13 Morning After Dark Timbaland Nelly Furtudao

14   6 3 6 Cosy In The Rocket Psapp

15   18 4 10 This Must Be It Royksopp

16   16 4 9 Cruel Intentions Simian Mobile Disco

17   9 5 4 Arcadia Ash

18   10 6 3 Darius Patrick Wolf

19   15 4 8 Cry Me Out Pixie Lott

20   19 6 5 Starstrukk 3OH!3 ftg Katy Perry

#1 ALBUM: Acolyte - Delphic

Monday, February 22, 2010

George Michael : Perth 20th February 2010

Im back in Sydney, The legend was phenomenal and so not to give a biased review I've included the following.
Comments are also worth viewing!

Only problem was that it was cut short, apparently the place had a curfew, so not hearing Jesus To A Child, especially was my disappointment. On the upside, and boy what an Upside, the most upbeat hits stole the show. The opener Fastlove, was faultless, the Amazing, Flawless, and Outside sequence unbelievable, and Everything She Wants, and Too Funky perfectly executed. Ballad highlights Praying For Time and One More Try.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The George Michael Countdown : 1 day to go go

I remember vivdly the release of this single January 8 1996. It was the first big single of 1996 for HMV and i remember marketing this single BIG! It had a full whole rack on display for a single!! I did it personally and we sold over 300 units that week just in our HMV Parramatta was a big single release and debuted at #1 in Australia! - yes i take some credit, also a #1 here, and the UK.
The most sophisticated video at its time, and Mr Michael was back with his best material yet !
Further it contains my favourite lyric of all time " For every single memory, has become a part of me, you will always be, my love "

Friday, February 19, 2010

The George Michael Countdown - 2 days to go go

This become a #2 UK Hit Single, as with all the "Older" singles reaching the Top 3 in the UK, and the #1 spot here. This one is especially moving, lyrically the most heartfelt emotionally song i've ever known, I still cry on each listen.....especially when You Have Been Loved.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BEP enter Lady Gaga Video Brilliance League

Imma Be and Rock That Body video launch! Together, now thats 2010!
Personally love the cleverness of doing this, the #1 is so justified!

The George Michael Countdown : 3 days to go go

This is from the time the USA knew of his brilliance, giving him his 4th #1 hit from the #1 album of the year "Faith". It was the 5th single from a 9 track album, pretty impressive, and he remains the only non US artist to conquer 4 #1 singles from the one album. Legend! The single "Monkey" upbeat, funky with a hidden meaning...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The George Michael Countdown : 4 days to go

Who else could turn an absoultely nasty, down right jealous situation into clever capitalism. No one.
Guess George BEAT them at their own game! Seriously whipped their asses with the video, and the disco pop feel of this out and out single who'd of thought such a fantastic dance hit had so much karma!
Makes it the more granduer! Let's go, Outside :

The George Michael Countdown : 5 days to go

Easter 1986 was memorised by one song, the utter brilliance, uniqueness, sophistication and emotion was years ahead of anything else. The video simplistic in angelic white created an air of blissful mystery, pure class.
I present : A Different Corner.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1385

Top 20 Singles

Week Ending : 9th February 2010

tw lw ti hp title artist

1   1 4 1 Rock That Body Black Eyed Peas

2   2 4 1 Telephone Lady Gaga ftg Beyonce

3   3 4 3 Undisclosed Desires Muse

 6 2 4 You've Changed Sia

5   11 2 5 Soldier Of Love Sade

6   12 2 6 Cosy In The Rocket Psapp

7   13 3 7 3 Words Cheryl Cole


9   4 4 4 Arcadia Ash

10   5 5 3 Darius Patrick Wolf



13   new * 13 DOUBT DELPHIC


15   8 3 8 Cry Me Out Pixie Lott

16   9 3 9 Cruel Intentions Simian Mobile Disco

17   7 5 7 Wtf? Ok Go

18   10 3 10 This Must Be It Royksopp

19   14 5 5 Starstrukk 3OH!3 ftg Katy Perry

20  16 3 15 Hazardous Vanessa Amorosi

#1 ALBUM: The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CCC : Cudi's Current Collaborations

Kid Cudi has two songs ready to enter my charts this week, both with A1 favourites : MGMT and David Guetta.
Which do you like more?  or like me they are both pretty even :)

Memories :

Pursuit Of Happiness :

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gabriella, Chill Me!

Gabriella Cilmi's new single, the first from the forthcoming album "10" is quite pop, very Aussie pop actually.
Initially I wasn't sold on it, but after a few more listens it's a pretty impressive follow up from a great first album. The intro and first verse is by far the best bit, sampling heavily Joe Jackson's Steppin Out, which I vaguley remember as a child.
As for the video, Little Gabi has grown up looking damn hot...Chill Me!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1384

Week : 1384 Top 20 Singles

Week Ending : 2nd February 2010

tw  lw ti hp title artist

1   2 3 1 Rock That Body Black Eyed Peas

2   1 3 1 Telephone Lady Gaga ftg Beyonce

3   3 3 3 Undisclosed Desires Muse

4   4 3 4 Arcadia Ash

5   5 4 3 Darius Patrick Wolf

6   new * 6 YOU'VE CHANGED SIA

7   8 4 7 Wtf? Ok Go

8   9 2 8 Cry Me Out Pixie Lott

9   10 2 9 Cruel Intentions Simian Mobile Disco

10   11 2 10 This Must Be It Royksopp

11   new * 11 SOLDIER OF LOVE SADE


13   16 2 13 3 Words Cheryl Cole

14   6 4 5 Starstrukk 3OH!3 ftg Katy Perry

15   7 7 1 All Over The World Pet Shop Boys

16   15 2 15 Hazardous Vanessa Amorosi

17   12 7 1 December Song George Michael

18   13 8 2 Drumming Song Florence + The Machine

19   14 13 4 Tik Tok Kesha

20   18 11 1 Fireflies Owl City

#1 ALBUM: The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga

Monday, February 1, 2010

Greys Anatomy

Ok I just got into Greys only late last year, around middle of Season 5, and became obsessed!
I've watched the first 10 episodes of Season 6, and in the last 3 weeks went back to the start Season 1 Episode 1, to Season 3 finale..i will continue to Season 4 tonight..its affected me, and I'm loving it.
Anyway this is to explain the debut of Psapp on my forthcoming chart, the theme to Greys that explains that!