Monday, December 27, 2010

The A1 Top 40 Albums of 2010

2010, a great year in music, not so much, but still there was some highlights, what you think?

AC A1 Top 40 Albums of 2010

1 We Are Born Sia

2 The Fame Monster Lady Gaga

3 Teenage Dream Katy Perry

4 Fleshtone Kelis

5 Maya Mia

6 The Element Of Freedom Alicia Keys

7 Ten Gabriella Climi

8 The Golden Year Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

9 Nightwork Scissor Sisters

10 The Boxer Kele

11 Bionic Christina Aguilera

12 Acolyte Delphic

13 Love & Its Opposite Tracey Thorn

14 The Family Jewels Marina & The Diamonds

15 Phrazes for the Young Julian Casablancas

16 Headfirst Goldfrapp

17 Animal / Cannibal Kesha

18 Congratulations MGMT

19 A-Z Volume1 Ash

20 Aphrodite Kylie Minogue

21 Body Talk Part 1 Robyn

22 Happiness Hurts

23 Rock Dust Light Star Jamiroquai

24 Write About Love Belle & Sebastian

25 Hands All Over Maroon 5

26 Loud Rihanna

27 Swanlights Antony & The Johnsons

28 Record Collection Mark Ronson

29 Soldier Of Love Sade

30 Nothing N.E.R.D

31 6: Commitment Seal

32 The Optimist New Young Pony Club

33 Gloves Operator Please

34 Further Chemical Brothers

35 Plastic Beach Gorillaz

36 Come Around Sundown Kings of Leon

37 Libra Scale Ne-Yo

38 X The XX

39 Down The Way Angus & Julia Stone

40 Postcards from a Young Man Manic Street Preachers

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1425 : Who'd a thought Katy Perry Owns It !

If you told me Katy Perry would hold the #1 & #2 single this week, as well the #1 album and video even a week ago I wouldn't said yeah right.....ah time ! Well Miss Perry here you are owning this chart, you're a firework!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A deserved ARIA winner, and one for next year..

Angus and Julia Stone's magical song "Big Jet Plane" got single of the year, and deservedly so, interesting video too (love that)..charts this week here:

and Little Red, should be up for something next year, based on "Rock It" alone :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aussie Movers #2

It's Sparkadia! It's blissfully beautiful! So glad we have talent like this downunder, thank you!

Aussie Movers

Kimbra ex NZ, Aussie girl featured in Miami Horror's #2 hit "I Look To You" here she is on her own, and own it she does!
A bit Bjork meets Tori with an Aussie twist, nice one Kimbra!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

Do What?
Chart an officially released 2009 single, yet it has success this year as well so it ain't necessarily old old. Still I jumped on this bandwagon later than most and well it's just right!...So the new chart will feature a new #1, a debut at #1, and really a 2009 hit, but here its 2010. Deal. Actually it peaked in 2010 in the UK, so we share that!

By the way this song ALWAYS makes me feel good, the original album version as played here is best.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adrian Lux triumphs and Sia is my fav Aussie gal of the crowd go who??? Welcome to A1 Chart Issue 1421

Special mention to Sia, the album is still on high rotation and clocks up another week at #1 album wise.
The album is outstanding and perfectly flows track to track, including a great interpretation of a Madonna forgotten classic. This is possibly my favourite track of the album "Cloud" performed live. Enjoy:

Oh and this Adrian Lux:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1416

Top 20 Singles
Week : 1416
Week Ending : 21st September 2010

tw lw ti hp title artist

1 1 6 1 Teenage Dream Katy Perry

2 6 2 2 I Look To You Miami Horror

3 5 3 3 Jackson's Last Stand Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

4 7 6 4 Cooler Than Me Mike Posner

5 9 6 5 DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Usher

6 10 2 6 Take It Off Kesha

7 2 9 1 Sex & Violence / Skin Tight Scissor Sisters

8 3 5 2 Half Mast (Slight Return) Empire Of The Sun


10 4 9 1 Get Outta My Way Kylie Minogue


12 16 2 12 Fuck You Cee Lo Green

13 11 8 5 Misery Maroon 5

14 14 4 4 Not Giving Up On Love Sophie Ellis Bextor


16 8 3 8 Party Girl McFly

17 18 2 17 Dynamite Taio Cruz

18 13 4 7 One (Your Name) Sweedish House Mafia

19 12 4 12 Club Can't Handle Me Flo Rida / David Guetta

20 19 7 5 Beautiful Monster Ne-Yo

#1 ALBUM: We Are Born - Sia

Adrian Lux ..impressive much !

Things happen for a reason.

I heard and watched "Teenage Crime" and was really impressed.

I then stumble onto "Can't Sleep" also amazing song and video.

Adrian Lux here's to you making brilliance!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hey guys all, 17 of you!:)
Just to say I'm here, charts will follow, and other little bits ...just been on relax.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga the girl is an inspirational leader, as well as....

Information posted directly from emails given to her fans, posted here purely for its importance, thank you:

Thanks to all of her Little Monsters, Lady Gaga dominated the 2010 Video Music Awards, taking home a total of 8 awards! During her acceptance speech for the coveted "Video of the Year" award, Gaga revealed the title of her forthcoming album, Born This Way, and gave a peek at at its title track.

Lady Gaga w/ special guests, Katie Miller, David Hall, Stacy Vasquez, & Mike Almy (Photo credit: Terry Richardson)

Lady Gaga's 2010 Video Music Award Wins:

Video of the Year - "Bad Romance"

Best Pop Video - "Bad Romance"

Best Female Video - "Bad Romance"

Best Collaboration - "Telephone" feat. Beyonce

Best Dance Video - "Bad Romance"

Best Choreography - "Bad Romance"

Best Direction - "Bad Romance"

Best Editing - "Bad Romance"

Gaga shared the spotlight at the event with a very special entourage consisting of former soldiers discharged from service due to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the policy of the United States' military that forbids gay and lesbian soldiers from being open about their sexuality.

She is now asking fans to join her and SLDN (Servicemembers Legal Defense Network) in helping repeal the discriminatory policy. Since the inception of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in 1994, SLDN has been legally defending and fighting for the rights of the courageous service members unfairly discharged.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

R & B goes Dance Part 2

oh i forgot another, same thing stylish black r&b star doing dance...

Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Has so called R&B gone to Dance ?

Here we go, line them up. So called R&B artists on the verge of Dance, I guess it's what sells so yeah, but these three, and 2 with thier titles with "DJ" and "Club" sound all just not to dissimiliar. They are good hits, but nothing new here, very formula-based hits, but they sell, so noones complaining!

Dynamite - Tiao Cruz

DJ got us fallin' in love - Usher & Co

Flo Rida / Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me

I mix 'em up all the time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I was smitten on Amy Winehouse, just 3 years nigh what you doing now Miss Amy ?

ac A1 top 20 singles chart


Week Ending: 1st September 2007

tw lw ti hp title artist

1 3 2 1 in my bed amy winehouse

2 1 4 1 on the verge of something wonderful darren hayes

3 2 4 1 generation y the hampdens

4 4 2 4 the angry mob kaiser chiefs


6 10 3 6 oh my god mark ronson ftg lily allen

7 5 3 5 down boy yeah yeah yeahs

8 9 8 2 the spaces between expatriate

9 7 9 1 time to begin katie noonan

10 6 2 6 where I stood missy higgins


12 8 7 2 again & again the bird and the bee

13 NEW 13 1 2 3 4 FIEST

14 12 13 1 big girls don't cry fergie

15 11 8 1 breaking up eskimo joe


17 13 6 13 the heinrich maneuver interpol

18 14 3 14 the girls /acceptable in the 80's calvin harris

19 17 7 6 dear mr president pink

20 18 4 3 tell me where it hurts garbage

#1 ALBUM: frank - Amy Winehouse

The Chart 10 years ago....

ac a1 top 20 singles

week: 892

week ending: 27thAugust 2000

tw lw ti hp title artist

1 1 3 1 music madonna

2 5 3 2 doesn't really matter janet jackson


4 6 3 4 let's get loud jennifer lopez

5 3 4 3 fill me in craig david

6 8 3 6 life is a rollercoaster ronan keating

7 4 6 4 try again aaliyah

8 2 6 2 rock d.j. robbie williams

9 11 2 9 pure pleasure seeker moloko

10 10 4 10 buggin' me true steppers

11 13 2 11 I love you but . friendly

12 17 2 12 the winner is .2000 southend

13 14 2 13 will I ever alice deejay

14 7 5 7 heart failed (in the back of a taxi) st etienne


16 9 5 1 jumpin' jumpin' destiny's child

17 18 4 14 day & night billie piper

18 12 12 1 summer moved on a-ha


20 15 8 3 summerfling k d lang

# 1ALBUM: ENRIQUE- enrique igelasis

HIT PREDICTION: I turn to you - melanie c

COMMENTARY: 27th August 2000

1.MUSIC -Madonna holds on top for an impressive 3 weeks and now she is #1 on 4 mega

charts: mine, the uk, the aussie, and the navaria chart!!

3.BE WITH YOU- ennrique peaked at #14 back on the 28th May with this track, and

now it re-enters at #3. You see the track has been re-released here with proper

air-play, and now even I realise how grand this most heart-breaking song is.

This makes 3 top 5 hits for Enrique this year, including the epic #1 with

whitney. BTW he has the #1 albumagain this week.

15.SO REAL- mandy returns with another catchy little track. Admittidly it took a

while for me to catch onto this one, but its as sweet as she is.

19.DON'T YOU WORRY- a happening track form uk girl band madasun. Nothing

amazing but a damn fine hit.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have a niece ! "Aniston Faith" born just 2 hours.....for you baby girl!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Video Notables #4

Tragedy hit this group, just as they were ready to get global, this is a great follow up to Dance The Way I Feel, lots of Presets- This Boy's In Love elements in this both visually and musically, and that just means HUGE to me :

Video Notables #3

Interesting to see how this one pans out here in OZ and the USA. The UK better make it what it deserves MEGA SUCCESS!!

Video Notables #2

And another one..wait to the end its well graphic!

Video Notables

McFly - Party Girl ..won't be played in Oz but the video production alone is well impressive :

Friday, August 27, 2010

Illegal M.I.A Il-ly-girl

Il-le-gal she says Il-ly-girl. (il-ly gi-rl)

m.i.a is amazing....none else has thought of this, and the song is so racey and as brilliant!
Watch the video if you can:)

and there is others: Tequilla (To Kill Her) , LoveALot (I love Allah), and even XXXO is XXX oh!oh!, Born Free (we are so NOT!) and more to be revealed later...

and we are all connected to our iphone, to the interent, to the google, to the government...she's onto something our could be illygirl !

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nostalgia : 10 years ago Summer Moved On : A-Ha

Summer Moved On... .. I'm having a moment with this heart aching song again. A-ha returned with this epic song in the Winter of 2000, (Summer to my northern residents). I played it again this week, it still gets me, reducing me to tears. Morten's voice just quivers emotion that transends to me in epic proportions. It was #1 for 5 weeks in 2000, and wound up as the #2 song of the year. On reflection it should of been 8 weeks on top , and The Song Of  2000.

Listen, with headphones, alone  and just feel that feeling...