Monday, February 1, 2010

Greys Anatomy

Ok I just got into Greys only late last year, around middle of Season 5, and became obsessed!
I've watched the first 10 episodes of Season 6, and in the last 3 weeks went back to the start Season 1 Episode 1, to Season 3 finale..i will continue to Season 4 tonight..its affected me, and I'm loving it.
Anyway this is to explain the debut of Psapp on my forthcoming chart, the theme to Greys that explains that!


Paul said...

the first three seasons are way better than 4-6, although it still has moments of brilliance among the dreary soap operatics. and that's why I stick with it :) Plus Patrick Dempsey is quite foxy.

JB said...

Hey G its James... hey add my msn.. talk to u ltrzz yea =P

A1 said...

I must say the firsy four episodes of Season 4 have been, well disappointng, loving S6 though!