Monday, February 22, 2010

George Michael : Perth 20th February 2010

Im back in Sydney, The legend was phenomenal and so not to give a biased review I've included the following.
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Only problem was that it was cut short, apparently the place had a curfew, so not hearing Jesus To A Child, especially was my disappointment. On the upside, and boy what an Upside, the most upbeat hits stole the show. The opener Fastlove, was faultless, the Amazing, Flawless, and Outside sequence unbelievable, and Everything She Wants, and Too Funky perfectly executed. Ballad highlights Praying For Time and One More Try.


Paul said...

glad you had fun :) I had the same problem with curfews when Jason Mraz was running late, so had to cut out Geek In The Pink and Wordplay - his two big hits at the time. Sigh.

Daniela said...

cannot wait for the sydney concert especially after reading your review!

Cayte said...

I went to the Sydney show on Friday night. Completely amazing. But he did make a point of telling the audience that the Perth show being cut short had nothing to do with curfew, and was just because he was so "F..... knackered!" and that the building was the hottest place on God's earth. He didn't play Jesus To A Child as a part of the Sydney set list, I think the song Perth missed out on was Freedom 90. Such a great show. My only request to him would be to ditch "Roxanne" as it's not even his song, and it was probably the only time I noticed the audience's attention waning. But other than that - fantastic!

Cayte said...

Correction to my original post - I've checked the set lists from both concerts, and it seems Perth lost about four songs.

A1 said...

yeah you are right Cayte, Perth got Hard Day and Praying For Time, Sydney got 6 others , so 4 more in total!
check my Sydney review!:)
thanks for your comments.