Monday, April 26, 2010

Spandau Ballet & Tears For Fears Live Sydney : ANZAC Day : Review

Spandau were probably one of my first introductions to the music chart and obsession of pop music. I fell in love with the True and Parade albums and played those 8 track albums over and over. They were a cool stylish band I really got into. The gig last night did not disappoint! Being a kid of the 80's was damn fine!
Tears For Fears also shone, seriously Everybody Wants To Rule The World, and Sowing The Seeds gave me blissful goosebumps....anyway more on the whole 3 hour performance later,.. must be away for a bit
..cause you are Gold!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1395

Top 20 Singles Week : 1394

Week Ending : 13th April 2010

tw   lw  ti  hp   title artist

1    1  14  1    Telephone Lady Gaga ftg Beyonce

2    3   2   2     The Runner/Love Don't Live Here Bananarama

3     new  * 3   ACAPELLA KELIS


5    2  10   2   Empire State Of Mind Part 2 (Broken Down) Alicia Keys

6    7   2    6   Pop Goes The World The Gossip

7    8   2   7    Halcyon Delphic

8   4    9   2    On A Mission Gabriella Cilmi

10   3   9    Hollywood Marina & The Diamonds

10  11   2  10  Bittersweet Sophie Ellis-Bextor


12   9   6   5      Mowgli's Road Marina & The Diamonds

13   6   4   6    Oh! The Divorces Tracey Thorn

14   5   12   2   Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Alicia Keys

15   12   2   12   Flash Delirium MGMT

16   new   *   16   OMG USHER/WILL.I.AM

17   new   *   17   CHAOS NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB

18    13   8   5    Rude Boy Rihanna

19   14    8   6    Stylo Gorillaz

20   16   12   2   You've Changed Sia

#1 ALBUM: MGMT - Congratulations

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1394

Top 20 Singles
Week Ending : 13th April 2010

tw lw ti hp title artist

1 1 13 1 Telephone Lady Gaga ftg Beyonce

2 2 9 2 Empire State Of Mind Part 2 (Broken Down) Alicia Keys


4 3 8 2 On A Mission Gabriella Cilmi

5 4 11 2 Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Alicia Keys

6 6 3 6 Oh! The Divorces Tracey Thorn



9 5 5 5 Mowgli's Road Marina & The Diamonds

10 12 2 10 Hollywood Marina & The Diamonds



13 7 7 5 Rude Boy Rihanna

14 11 7 6 Stylo Gorillaz

15 13 2 13 1901 Phoenix

16 8 11 2 You've Changed Sia

17 9 4 9 Imma Be Black Eyed Peas

18 10 3 18 Limelight Alizee

19 16 5 10 Logic Operator Please

20 17 5 7 Gravity Pixie Lott

#1 ALBUM: Head First - Goldfrapp

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WTF! McFadden is #1 in Oz.......

Sorry, I'm a bit pissed!
The latest Brian McFadden single, forgot title, debuted at #1 on the ARIA charts Sunday night.
I find it ironic that Kylie Sansdseland (error in name spelling) rated the song on his pathetic radio program..How the fuck he still is allowed to air, let alone be able to speak, is uncomprehendable. He and his uesless blonde host a radio morning program, if i can call it that, 2DayFM fodder.
oh lets play Jason derulo 3 times, talk trash, then play it again...i had the wonderful pleasure of listening to this a twice last week........reminds why i NEVER listen to radio, exception JJJ!
Anyway I'm sure spending $20K makes you have to buy all the digital singles and be this weeks #1 but there is more to this..its suss, especially with Sandlelanders footprint all over it!
Seriously you should be playing GABRIELLA CILMI, oh Kyles probably doesnt have a connection, of course no she has talent!
Ok enough, i just dislike the man, and what he represents.
Btw the McFadden is Ok , top 20 worthy even but a #1 Australia, laughable...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Top 100 Singles of the 90's :1990- 1999

AC A1 Top 100 Singles for the Decade : 1990-1999

1 Ray Of Light Madonna

2 Jesus To A Child George Michael

3 Missing Everything But The Girl

4 Vogue Madonna

5 Absolutely Fabulous Pet Shop Boys

 6 You Have Been Loved George Michael

7 Se a vida e Pet Shop Boys

8 Outside George Michael

9 Escapade Janet Jackson

10 Touch Me ( All Night Long ) Cathy Dennis

11 Fantasy Black Box

12 Together Again Janet Jackson

13 Take A Bow Madonna

14 High Lighthouse Family

15 I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing Pet Shop Boys

16 Five Fathoms Everything But The Girl

17 The Crying Game Boy George

18 Don't Speak No Doubt

19 Again Janet Jackson

20 Deeper & Deeper Madonna

21 Confide In Me Kylie Minogue

22 Barbie Girl Aqua

23 Summer Son Texas

24 I'm Every Woman Whitney Houston

25 As George Michael /Mary J Blige

26 Save The Best Till Last Vanessa Williams

27 Song 2 Blur

28 The Crying Game Boy George

29 Can You Forgive Her Pet Shop Boys

30 Too Many Walls Cathy Dennis

31 Love Will Lead You Back Taylor Dayne

32 Rain Madonna

33 Search For The Hero M People

34 C'mon Get Your Love Real McCoy

35 Prayer For The Dying Seal

36 The Sign Ace Of Base

37 Fastlove George Michael

38 Dear Jessie Madonna

39 Always Erasure

40 Bedtime Story Madonna

41 Black Cat Janet Jackson

42 Stay Eternal

43 Perfect Moment Martine McCutcheon

44 Sacrifice Elton John

45 Human Nature Madonna

46 Army Of Me Bjork

47 Too Funky George Michael

48 2 Become 1 Spice Girls

49 Walking Wounded Everything But The Girl

50 Rollercoaster Everything But The Girl

51 If / Throb Janet Jackson

52 You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson

53 You Were Meant For Me Jewel

54 Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O'Connor

55 Because You Loved Me Celine Dion

56 Frozen Madonna

57 Believe Cher

58 Zombie Cranberries

59 Everybody Everybody Black Box

60 Before Pet Shop Boys

61 Abba-esque Erasure

62 Say You'll Be There Spice Girls

63 Justify My Love Madonna

64 Sexuality kd Lang

65 Moving On Up M People

66 The Real Thing Lisa Stansfield

67 To The End Blur

68 Sweetness Michelle Gayle

69 Last Thing On My Mind Steps

70 Emotions Mariah Carey

71 You Lied To Me Cathy Dennis

72 No Scrubs TLC

73 Torn Natalie Imbruglia

74 Unbreak My Heart Toni Braxton

75 Baby Baby Amy Grant

76 Return Of The Mack Mark Morrison

77 Think Twice Celine Dion

78 If You Had My Love Jennifer Lopez

79 Being Boring Pet Shop Boys

80 No Regrets Robbie Williams

81 Cry For Help Rick Astley

82 Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect ) Robyn

83 Strike It Up Black Box

84 Stay Shakespears Sister

85 Unbeliveable E.M.F

86 Liberation Pet Shop Boys

87 This Used To Be My Playground Madonna

88 Freedom 90' George Michael

89 Gypsy Woman

90 You Don't Know Me Armand Van Helden

91 New York City Boy Pet Shop Boys

92 Can't Let Go Mariah Carey

93 Love…Thy Will Be Done Martika

94 Make It Happen Mariah Carey

95 Nothing Really Matters Madonna

96 Fairground Simply Red

97 Coffee & TV Blur

98 Opposites Attract Paula Abdul

99 Set Adrift On Memory Bliss PM Dawn

100 Best Things In Life Are Free Luther Vandross Janet Jackson

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1392

Top 20 Single Week : 1392

Week Ending : 30th March 2010

tw lw ti hp title artist

1  1 11 1 Telephone Lady Gaga ftg Beyonce

2  RE 7 2 EMPIRE STATE OF MIND (Part II) Broken Down Alicia Keys

2 6 2 On A Mission Gabriella Cilmi

4  3 7 2 Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Alicia Keys

5  4 9 2 You've Changed Sia

6  8 3 6 Mowgli's Road Marina & The Diamonds

7  5 5 5 Rude Boy Rihanna

6 5 6 Stylo Gorillaz


10  11 2 10 Imma Be Black Eyed Peas

11  new * 11 LIMELIGHT ALlZEE

12  14 2 12 Love Lost Temper Trap

13  10 3 10 Logic Operator Please

14  7 3 7 Gravity Pixie Lott

15  9 6 6 Efficient Machine Kasper Bjorke

16  13 6 7 Make It Mine Jason Mraz

17  16 8 1 Rocket Goldfrapp

18  18 2 18 Starred Eyed Ellie Goulding

19  15 3 14 If We Ever Meet Again Timbaland ftg Katy Perry

20  12 11 1 Rock That Body Black Eyed Peas

#1 ALBUM: Ten - Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilim - Ten Album Review 8/10

Gabriella Cilmi – Ten

Gabriella had a difficult challenge, the ever so demanding 2nd album syndrome, after coming up with the hugely successful first album Lessons To Be Learned.

In reality the single Sweet About Me, was the masterpiece single of 2007, and for an Australian Artist at age 17, to resonate Amy Winehouse, things could not be any perfect.

Like me Gabi is a proud Australian, with Southern Italian heritage, where Nonna, and pasta is as important as Aussie lifestyle and culture, so sharing those similar characteristics I’m hugely on team Gabriella, gosh she’s like my little sister and wish her all the success she deserves.

Personally I’m surprised the lead single and the album hasn’t been as global as I expected, but maybe it’s not the music to blame, because this artist has delivered, this album has a fresh direction a modern change in her rather unique elementary style, and slaps the word “pop” right where it should, however as stylish this young woman has progressed, and damn it she is looking naturally glamorous and a perfect pin-up girl for all teens alike, perhaps her less “shock” value, and dare I say it more safe and respectable image doesn’t gel well with the media hype of today. Don’t get me wrong the big young female artists like Rihanna, and Kesha have some musical abilities but the almost naked, slutty image projected makes these artists more in-ya-face than the likes of Gabriella. Anyway, enough of the image lets get to the music. (Oh! And Lady Gaga doesn’t get a mention here, SHE is in a league of her own, untouchable, like the Madonna of 80’s 90’s and 00’s! )

So here it is the track by track review of Ten:

Opening track, and first single is On A Mission. Love the Joe Jackson intro, and generally fresh pop sounds, maybe as it doesn’t have any ella –ella –ella , oh Eh-eh –eh –eh, makes it a bit less forgettable, but it is a wonderful pop single which is a sin at only peaking at #16, twice even in Australia. Thankfully the single faired better in the U.K making the Top 10 at #9, but I was sure this had Top 5 written all over it, albeit I was wrong.

2nd single and track 2 is Hearts Don’t Lie is also a killer single, but will probably not fair any better on the charts. The first few seconds and you’re in Studio 54, pure disco soul pop bliss. It’s soulful and the “my hearts been tickin’” is so Kylie 2000 era, you swear it was her singing.

What If You Knew sounds like an Australian radio friendly pop song. The electric guitar intro defines this, with the thankful more electro chorus, creating a decent pop song, still I’m not too sure of the jingles in it, perhaps a xmas single release?? Hmmm and the bridge resonates Kylie 2.0 again….and that ain’t a bad thing let me tell you.

Love Me Cos You Want To, here Gabriella really cranks up Kylie Fever 2.0, seriously take a listen you will feel it . I guess this could be single 3.

Defender is a paint by numbers ballad, not disappointing but an adequate album track.

Robots follows, and cruises nicely, intriguing lyrics, adds to the song, and thus gets a thumbs up.

Superhot is back to that Kylie 2.0, and I hear elements of Light Years in parts, again it makes for a good pop track.

Boys ups the anti, and goes more electro, can even say reminds a bit of the new Goldfrapp album vibe.

Invisible Girl, follows Boys really well and continues the vibe of the album effectively.

Glue is the big vocals of Gabriella, sounding almost Tina Turner, with musical harmonies of the Pet Shop Boys, again that’s a winning combination for me.

Let Me Know sounds closest to the first album than anything else here, and I’d compare it to her English contempary Pixie Lott, this artist is also a favourite of mine!

Superman continues from the previous track, more original Gabriella, cruisy and touches of Goldfrapp.

In all this a welcome follow up album, it doesn’t define any unique or mindblowing qualities, but it’s a fine happy pop album, I’m sure you would enjoy!

Thanks Gabriella you make me smile!