Saturday, February 20, 2010

The George Michael Countdown : 1 day to go go

I remember vivdly the release of this single January 8 1996. It was the first big single of 1996 for HMV and i remember marketing this single BIG! It had a full whole rack on display for a single!! I did it personally and we sold over 300 units that week just in our HMV Parramatta was a big single release and debuted at #1 in Australia! - yes i take some credit, also a #1 here, and the UK.
The most sophisticated video at its time, and Mr Michael was back with his best material yet !
Further it contains my favourite lyric of all time " For every single memory, has become a part of me, you will always be, my love "


Paul said...

let#s get this straight. You are quite excited about the concert? :P

A1 said...

Um my first time in Perth!!
George live after 20 years!!
bloody oath i'm excited !!

daniela said...

i need to hear all about it please ... before sydney!