Friday, February 26, 2010

George Michael : Sydney 26th February 2010 : Review

Amazingly Flawless 10/10

It was a perfect summers evening in Sydney that night, and the music that Michael delivered matched it perfectly. The 45,000 plus crowd justifiably stayed on their feet whatever Michael gave us. Vocally absolutely perfect, song to song, and the charasmatic entertainer enthralled all. As like Perth, the opener followed Fastlove, Father Figure, and I'm Your Man, but the next ballad, reducing me to tears was You Have Been Loved, was it especially for Sydney?, I do not know, but hearing that live, something I wanted for over 12 years, was a dream come true. But it did not end there!
For Perth he belted out Praying For Time, and the unusual song choice of Hard Day, but Sydney got the timeless awe inspiring  A Different Corner, equally an unbeliable classic, making every second a memory never to be forgotten. Possibly the inclusion of My Mother Had A Brother, also escalted the most emotion heartfelt evening a night with George all the more personal and definitiely the once-in-a lifetime experience.
As like Perth, and thank you again, Amazing, Flawless (Go To The City) and Outside, were absolute club stompers, creating an adrenaline rush of epic proportions, ealier Everything She Wants, and Too Funky were just as energitic. Special note to An Easier Affair, obvioulsy a favourtie of Michael's with his special introduction celebrating the ability to enjoy life, no matter what!
The encore of Careless Whisper and the masterful Freedom 90' highlighted the admiration of us there, his screaming, elated, adoring fans!

Perth was amazing, but Sydney it was flawless!

Songlist for both not mentioned in above review : Faith, Feeling Good, Roxanne, One More Try
Songlist Perth Only : Praying for Time, Hard Day
Songlist Sydney Only : You Have Been Loved, A Different Corner, My Mother Had A Brother, Star People, Freedom 90'

Melbourne changes? ..will let you know this coming Thursday!


Natalieann said... guys are in for a TREAT. I am so jealous I wish I was there again.

Perth was amazing, but the venue in Sydney will make it even moreso.

Best live performer EVER.


Nick C said...

I was in Sydney tonight. He was good, slightly breathless and not as showy as I'd expected. Could have made more of it with some on stage entertainment to really enhance the faster tracks. Probably too many ballads. For a guy of nearly 48, he did well.

Well done George!

Nick C said...

Forgot to add, the sound wasn't great - not his fault though. On many of the fast numbers, you wouldn't have understood the words had you not known his classics. Technicians take note...turn down the bass and turn up George.