Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A1 Chart Issue 1425 : Who'd a thought Katy Perry Owns It !

If you told me Katy Perry would hold the #1 & #2 single this week, as well the #1 album and video even a week ago I wouldn't said yeah right.....ah time ! Well Miss Perry here you are owning this chart, you're a firework!


Diva Incarnate said...

I'm not quite into her album, but Hummingbird and Movies got 'repeated' quite a few times when I had the CD playing in my car the last few weeks.

Paul said...

I'm not quite feeling Katy Perry as much as everyone else, but i can see her appeal when i very occasionally find myself humming her tunes!!

A1 said...

Diva - wow! the last 2 tracks, interesting, im still addicited to the first 4!!

Paul - i just got Katy whipped this week, kinda BIG time!

J.Mensah said...

Wow! Go Perry! Firework's been out for a while now and I'm still really into it--same goes for Teenage Dream! :) (I'm not too fond of the album though :/)

The Underground23 said...

Hey man!
Hahaha I'm glad you enjoyed the come back on my blog!
I had been out for a while due to the end of a relationship and I needed to "find myself" if you will haha, I had stopped for a bit, it did me some good.

Hope you're well mate!