Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

Do What?
Chart an officially released 2009 single, yet it has success this year as well so it ain't necessarily old old. Still I jumped on this bandwagon later than most and well it's just right!...So the new chart will feature a new #1, a debut at #1, and really a 2009 hit, but here its 2010. Deal. Actually it peaked in 2010 in the UK, so we share that!

By the way this song ALWAYS makes me feel good, the original album version as played here is best.


Paul said...

INTRUIGED for your new chart. PS if you want something else smiley and uplifting youtube search miss kookie putting on the ritz. It's insanely happy! Plus the man at the start of the song in the shirt and tie is v cute :P

Pranav said...

For me...this is the only single from "Very" that really stood the test of time.