Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adrian Lux triumphs and Sia is my fav Aussie gal of the crowd go who??? Welcome to A1 Chart Issue 1421

Special mention to Sia, the album is still on high rotation and clocks up another week at #1 album wise.
The album is outstanding and perfectly flows track to track, including a great interpretation of a Madonna forgotten classic. This is possibly my favourite track of the album "Cloud" performed live. Enjoy:

Oh and this Adrian Lux:


Paul said...

oh oh and oh! I am loving Adrian!! So much :P PS you might like the new shayne ward video (see blog!!)

ww_adh said...

Who is Adrian? I see several of his songs available at iTunes.

A1 said...

i think he more a dj/mixer from sweden, but this young thing has talent, and his videos...its whats music videos should be!