Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Has so called R&B gone to Dance ?

Here we go, line them up. So called R&B artists on the verge of Dance, I guess it's what sells so yeah, but these three, and 2 with thier titles with "DJ" and "Club" sound all just not to dissimiliar. They are good hits, but nothing new here, very formula-based hits, but they sell, so noones complaining!

Dynamite - Tiao Cruz

DJ got us fallin' in love - Usher & Co

Flo Rida / Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me

I mix 'em up all the time!


Paul said...

i feel like the DJ is my bodyguard :P

Pranav said...

I actually don't like "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. "Higher" by Taio Cruz is a better effort at the "r&b going dance" trend.