Friday, November 27, 2009

Proud Aussie

So I went to the ARIA’s last night with dukey….it was another hot summer night, totally my cup of tea….NOT!

BUT we had got awesome seats, celebrity status I tell you! We were pretty much next to the stage and it just so happened all the celebrities walked past us or waited behind us before going on stage... so everywhere we turned there were famous people.

Here are our highlights:

I had a moment with Jessica Mauboy, while she was on stage waiting to perform, she caught my eye and we had endless moments of thumbs up, love symbols and smiles.

Natalie Bassingthwaite spoke to dukey... she walked up in front of him and fully gave him the full on welcome mat... he froze, and then highest pitch vocal scream, that even Mariah struggles with was ejected from him was too cute , like a little kid in a candy store!

Hamish and Andy gave me quality hi -5 ‘s! serious Quality!

And then there was Ladyhawke!! I ran into her in an aisle outside and we smiled and Hi-5'ed , and she was sitting right behind me, so as we were leaving i totally interpruted her texting, and said "Love your work Pip!" she smiled and said in that gorgeous kiwi accent "Thank you so much" shoke my hand and we were off ...

So now about the actual performances:
Temper Trap and Empire of the Sun nailed it! And congrats to Empire of The Sun for getting the 2 big awards!! Owned it!

And this is for you Paul :

Robbie Williams stole the show, the crowd went absolutely crazy, he seemed shorter than last time I met him, but he had the audience go nuts when he performed “Bodies”

See below:

In conclusion, Ladyhawke, Empire Of The Sun, Temper Trap, Daniel Merriweather, Lisa Mitchell, Kate Miller-Heidke, Sarah Blasko, Eskimo Joe, The Presets, and even Jess giving the world quality music from DownUnder in 2009..Nice one guys!


ksp said...

I'm so jealous, it sounds like such a fun night! Next year count me in :)

A1 said...

deal babe!

Paul said...

oooo how exciting seeing Robbie :) Thanks for that :) I think that probably would have pushed him to number one on my chart if I had been there :P

The Underground23 said...

again still can't find another place to put a comment! haha
thanks, it means a lot to have someone who reads the stuff and digs it. You can follow it if you want, just got something new written on it go check it if you want.
Peace outt