Friday, November 20, 2009

Lady Gaga or Madonna at light years pace....

So here is my rundown on the Lady Gaga effect.
Fact : Lady Gaga is really a breath of fresh air to pop music. She has reinvented, created art, and become the pop icon in just over a year. It was exactly year ago today I went from who is this American wannabe to being absoultely in love with her and the incredible vocals and sounds on the masterpiece album "The Fame" (.ok the album officially became my #1 album in the week of December 14, 2008, Issue 1325).
I guess Australia falling in love with Pokerface so early as evidenced by November 17 it had became  the #1 single and after already 4 weeks on top, it returned to the top spot and then stayed there for another 4 weeks till January 18 that time Just Dance finally reached the top in the USA and UK! (Here in Oz "Just Dance" was on top back in September 2008) I got on the Gaga phenomenon by DECEMBER 2008.
In Australia, and possibly to keep that momentum going we were given the 3rd single "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) and my first #1 for Miss Gaga! To this day it remains only an OZ & NZ single..and its such a simple beautiful song its a shame for all the massiveness of her image and other master dance hits this has got lost by the way side......anyway I've become sidetracked here so lets look at my analogy of the Lady Gaga effect:
 Just Dance  DEBUT= Holiday  DEBUT....both first big singles, both big dance tracks, both making the artist name become well exposed!

Poker face 3 months later = Like a virgin  1.5 years later....both huge singles, both identifying the artist with a definite shock factor, and brand name

Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 6 months later = Borderline / Angel  1.5 years later...both a softer side, both a lost classic...

Love Game 7 months later = Papa Don't Preach / Open Your Heart 3/4years later ....both huge, both edgy, both with that unique shock element, and the artist is a global name!

Paparazzi 9 months later = Like A Prayer 6 years later ...both ground breaking videos causing more shock value, catchy amazing pop songs, and mega pop hits

Bad Romance 1 year on = Vogue 7 years on get the idea :)


John said...

I get where you are going with the analogy, although it looks like the singles laid out a bit differently where you are than here in the US. I would argue that GaGa hasn't quite gotten to "Vogue" level just yet. When that came out, it was completely different than anything on the radio, as House music was very much an underground scene at the time. I don't think we've seen the revolutionary side of LG yet.

Oliveira said...

Did you just compare "let's have some fun this beat is sick" to "Papa I know you're going to be upset... we made a big mess and I don't mean maybe"?

Did you just compare "Leather and jeans/Garage glamorous/Not sure what it means/But this photo of us/It don't have a price" to "Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone/I hear you call my name and it feels like... home"?

Did you just compare "Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah!/Rah-mah-rah-mum-mah!/GaGa-oo-la-la!/Want your bad romance" to "Ladies with an attitude/Fellows that were in the mood/Don't just stand there, let's get to it/Strike a pose, there's nothing to it/Vogue"?

Yes you did.

*sigh* Drugs are bad for you you know.

A1 said...

John - hey thanks for your comments, on reflection..well see my next post :)

Oliveira - hey so good to hear from you here, especially knowing you have had a bit if a rough week ..hugs :)
and YES on reflection I blew Gaga's trumpet a bit too hard...see next post

ksp said...

I remember the first time I heard Lady Gaga, it was before Just Dance had come out and I was up at about 3am in the morning. So I was watching one of the music channels and I heard this awesome beat start and then this great song with this Bowie looking girl dancing around... so far, so good. Then the girl starts to have sex with a Polo Pony! And I was like, WTF?! So I closed my eyes and listened to one of the best songs of 2008.

A1 said...

ksp - so impressed by ur immediate reaction to "just dance" ...did you feel the same for Poker Face?

ksp said...

Yes, everyone of her songs has had me right from the start. She's fantastic. I'm so jealous that you and Shaun are seeing her, if I'd known I would have come with you, it's going to be an amazing show!

Anonymous said...

Fame wise, Gaga is still only in 1985 in Madonna terms, one or two years of world conquering adulation is all she's had so far. Be interesting to see if her next album is as succesful as Madonna's True Blue, which is really where she's at.
I find the comparisons of the powerful, passionate Like a Prayer with the throw-away dance pop of Paparazzi to be insulting and ridiculous.
And Gaga's videos don't seem to have any social message, theyre fun and provocative, but they don't challenge society to change like Madonna's videos did.

Ant said...

I retract all
MADONNA absolutely anilates Gaga
Even miss Katy Perry is showing more than Gaga
bye Gaga it was nice but like todays world its disposable, no longivity gone with out care!

MADONNA regins supreme!