Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ash True Love 1980

Love the marketing for this, well the 7"vinyl every two weeks, unique and real "music fan" basis!
Here's the cover to single A  of the A-Z series, 26 singles will be released in total. A new single will be released every fortnight for one year, we get 26 singles from Ash!

and the video ....totally a winner, how may other artists would be so game..another big win for ASH! in my book!! Yay to Ash!


ZikPot said...

A site where music fans and artists can play a game like in the stock exchange and win some cool item is here

Paul said...

My sister once "fooled around" with the drummer from Ash. True story.

A1 said...

hey Paul , was the True story, True Love ....lucky girl :)