Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WTF! McFadden is #1 in Oz.......

Sorry, I'm a bit pissed!
The latest Brian McFadden single, forgot title, debuted at #1 on the ARIA charts Sunday night.
I find it ironic that Kylie Sansdseland (error in name spelling) rated the song on his pathetic radio program..How the fuck he still is allowed to air, let alone be able to speak, is uncomprehendable. He and his uesless blonde host a radio morning program, if i can call it that, 2DayFM fodder.
oh lets play Jason derulo 3 times, talk trash, then play it again...i had the wonderful pleasure of listening to this a twice last week........reminds why i NEVER listen to radio, exception JJJ!
Anyway I'm sure spending $20K makes you have to buy all the digital singles and be this weeks #1 but there is more to this..its suss, especially with Sandlelanders footprint all over it!
Seriously you should be playing GABRIELLA CILMI, oh Kyles probably doesnt have a connection, of course no she has talent!
Ok enough, i just dislike the man, and what he represents.
Btw the McFadden is Ok , top 20 worthy even but a #1 debut....in Australia, laughable...


Paul said...

yes to them playing Gabriella Cilmi more. particularly the moto blanco remix :) I suppose then you won't be happy that i find this quite tolerable!!

ksp said...

Lol, you are pissed! Kyle is an absolute dickhead and Jacquie is no better. I unfortunately have them on in the morning as my work radio dial is set on TodayFM so I can listen to Hamish and Andy in the afternoon (I heart them! And BTW, they kick K & A's arse in the overall ratings) and it's too hard to tune the radio in to swap it around. I love Brian but I do think the promotion he gets on TodayFM from being Kyle's BF has a lot to do with the #1 spot. Like you said, it's worth a top 20 spot but not #1. You'll be happy to know though that they do play Gabriella and she's often on the morning and drive time programs, her new song is great, they play it every day.