Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gabriella Cilim - Ten Album Review 8/10

Gabriella Cilmi – Ten

Gabriella had a difficult challenge, the ever so demanding 2nd album syndrome, after coming up with the hugely successful first album Lessons To Be Learned.

In reality the single Sweet About Me, was the masterpiece single of 2007, and for an Australian Artist at age 17, to resonate Amy Winehouse, things could not be any perfect.

Like me Gabi is a proud Australian, with Southern Italian heritage, where Nonna, and pasta is as important as Aussie lifestyle and culture, so sharing those similar characteristics I’m hugely on team Gabriella, gosh she’s like my little sister and wish her all the success she deserves.

Personally I’m surprised the lead single and the album hasn’t been as global as I expected, but maybe it’s not the music to blame, because this artist has delivered, this album has a fresh direction a modern change in her rather unique elementary style, and slaps the word “pop” right where it should, however as stylish this young woman has progressed, and damn it she is looking naturally glamorous and a perfect pin-up girl for all teens alike, perhaps her less “shock” value, and dare I say it more safe and respectable image doesn’t gel well with the media hype of today. Don’t get me wrong the big young female artists like Rihanna, and Kesha have some musical abilities but the almost naked, slutty image projected makes these artists more in-ya-face than the likes of Gabriella. Anyway, enough of the image lets get to the music. (Oh! And Lady Gaga doesn’t get a mention here, SHE is in a league of her own, untouchable, like the Madonna of 80’s 90’s and 00’s! )

So here it is the track by track review of Ten:

Opening track, and first single is On A Mission. Love the Joe Jackson intro, and generally fresh pop sounds, maybe as it doesn’t have any ella –ella –ella , oh Eh-eh –eh –eh, makes it a bit less forgettable, but it is a wonderful pop single which is a sin at only peaking at #16, twice even in Australia. Thankfully the single faired better in the U.K making the Top 10 at #9, but I was sure this had Top 5 written all over it, albeit I was wrong.

2nd single and track 2 is Hearts Don’t Lie is also a killer single, but will probably not fair any better on the charts. The first few seconds and you’re in Studio 54, pure disco soul pop bliss. It’s soulful and the “my hearts been tickin’” is so Kylie 2000 era, you swear it was her singing.

What If You Knew sounds like an Australian radio friendly pop song. The electric guitar intro defines this, with the thankful more electro chorus, creating a decent pop song, still I’m not too sure of the jingles in it, perhaps a xmas single release?? Hmmm and the bridge resonates Kylie 2.0 again….and that ain’t a bad thing let me tell you.

Love Me Cos You Want To, here Gabriella really cranks up Kylie Fever 2.0, seriously take a listen you will feel it . I guess this could be single 3.

Defender is a paint by numbers ballad, not disappointing but an adequate album track.

Robots follows, and cruises nicely, intriguing lyrics, adds to the song, and thus gets a thumbs up.

Superhot is back to that Kylie 2.0, and I hear elements of Light Years in parts, again it makes for a good pop track.

Boys ups the anti, and goes more electro, can even say reminds a bit of the new Goldfrapp album vibe.

Invisible Girl, follows Boys really well and continues the vibe of the album effectively.

Glue is the big vocals of Gabriella, sounding almost Tina Turner, with musical harmonies of the Pet Shop Boys, again that’s a winning combination for me.

Let Me Know sounds closest to the first album than anything else here, and I’d compare it to her English contempary Pixie Lott, this artist is also a favourite of mine!

Superman continues from the previous track, more original Gabriella, cruisy and touches of Goldfrapp.

In all this a welcome follow up album, it doesn’t define any unique or mindblowing qualities, but it’s a fine happy pop album, I’m sure you would enjoy!

Thanks Gabriella you make me smile!



Paul said...

love love love the album. spot on review - i could quite easily mine this for 5-6 singles. I want Simon Curtis to do a youtube video cover of Robots :) Have you downloaded his free album yet :P Back to GC - so so magnificent and enjoyable. It's the most enjoyable pure pop album of the year so far!

A1 said...

Simon Curtis...on a mission now to download :)