Friday, September 25, 2009

Viva Bananarama

After reading some rave reviews, FizzyPop etc. the promise of something wonderful here was expected.  And it delivered.
"Love Comes" is a grower, and before you know it the chorus stays happily in your head.
"Love Don't Live Here" is a fantastic follow up from lead single, but the next "Rapture" wasn't really necessary as its a bit of a filler.
"Seventeen" should be a Pet Shop Boys track, they should swap their track off Yes, "More Than A Dream" which is totally Bananarama and everything would be in the right place. Nevertheless "Seventeen" is a beauty! "Twisting" is also a stunner, and escalates to the amazing "Tell Me Tomorrow",(Single #3 me feels) but it dosen't end there. The peak of the album is next the ABBA-esque "The Runner" is the albums highest point, vocally the girls own this one and should be the next single. "Extraordinary" and "Dum Dum Boy" continue in the spirit of this vibrant pop, yet heartfelt album, and the album ends adequately with "S-S-Single Bed" and the more stronger closer "We've Got The Night".
I will always love the Banana girls, i have since i was swept by their beauty viewing the priceless "Robert De'Niro's Waiting" video clip 25 years ago, and they conitinue to put a smile on my face and enjoy life.
Thank you Bananarama!


Paul said...

ooo i REALLY like your idea of swapping the bananarama and PSB tracks around :) Clever :P

A1 said...

It is a good idea hey, so how did we get into the process of getting it done :)