Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sugababes...then there was none!

So the original line up are all but over. Recap:
Keisha Buchanan (1998–2009)
Mutya Buena (1998–2005)
Siobhán Donaghy (1998–2001)

..and seriously that was the best line up, yes Hiedi (especially) and Amelle did a good job filling in gaps, but surely now Keisha is gone, it just seems a bit wrong..that's my opinion anyway.

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Paul said...

I feel a bit bad for Heidi. No she didn't start the group, but she's been in it for 9 years. That said, perhaps the Sugababes as a bRand should call it a day. Hideous timing though with the 7th album in the bag!