Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amy Winehouse Discography :A1 Charts

My love affair with Amy was very album based rather than singles, which is unusual, but nonetheless strong singles did exist on both.

I got into Frank and Back to Black in 2007, at the same time, and at the time obsessed with Frank. Possibly because it offered so much more variety and flexibility in the music, compared to the cohesive masterpiece of Back to Black.

Due to no real single release here in Australia, my chart single entries were all over the place. And in reply to the comment of J.Menash ( thank you!) Back to Black previously never did chart, but somehow I always knew it would grace it ..... shame it is this way so soon.


#1 Album 18th Aug, 1st Sept and 8th Sept 2007, but on high rotation throughout all of the 2nd half of 2007

Back to Black
#1 Album 7th April, 5th May 2007 and 26th Jan, 2nd Feb 2008, and July 25th 2011.


Rehab                                31st March 2007    peak #3
You know Im No Good     16th June                peak #20
In My Bed                         25th August 2007    peak  #1 for 2 weeks
Tears Dry On Their Own   1st Sept 2007          peak #2
Love Is A Losing Game     5th Jan 2008            peak #1 re entry July 25 2011
Back To Black                   25th July 2011        new at #1

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