Monday, June 6, 2011

Born This Way : Lady Gaga : Album Review

Without a doubt this release was going to be THE release of 2011 in pop music. Its global sales supported it and the amount of opinions, reviews and just general thoughts abound everywhere to enhance the title of being Album of the Year. So far such title is deserved, but somehow i think 2011 will also be remembered as a year when an artist conquers purely and solely on the musicology itself, Miss Adele please take such honour, but i digress this is about the icon of pop of 2011 :Lady Gaga!!!

This reveiw will take a track by track approach, but to start as a whole album, I think the whole thing is too long, she should of released this as a 10 track album and in Novemeber released an 8 track supplement ( the other 7 on the Special Edition plus another gem I'm sure she has tucked away soemwhere!). That November release would be titlted Born This Way + Staying This Way (2CD set).

Nevertheless this album fits into 2 categories , a futuristic dance electro catwalk genre and the 80's throwback rock pop sensibilty, all the tracks can fit into either category as will be noted below.

001. Marry The Night
The safe introduction to the album, fit the 80's category, strong vocals, pleasant pop 9/10

002. Born This Way
The killer first single, ground breaking lyrics, and overall global champion. Still sounds fresh, inspiring and a leading pop moment! 10/10

003. Government Hooker
Love love love it! The almost operatic introduction has then nothing to do with this fresh new direction of indy pop. Almost a MIA vs Bjork mash up here, especially the ending its all MIA 10/10

004. Judas
Does this track just keep getting better with each play?? I think the marketing for both song and music video for this was rushed and hampered its appeal. Muscially is Bad Romance Part 2 with a bit of ABBA/Steps in its chorus just to mix the whole thing up, I think it works others seem not to agree, lyrically its too religious for some, overall another good moment in pop! 10/10

005. Americano
It's a bit eurovision with a latin flavour, a bit of theatre a bit of fun, ok this is the one song thats on its own, and well its a bit random.. 7/10

006. Hair
Back to the 80's. Its the smaller cousin of the new single The Edge Of Glory. I can see why this was the promo single because of the appeal of TEOG , good on her! 7/10

007. ScheiBer
See this is what  I like, new creative ScheiBer! This reminds of tracks from Christina's Bionic (a lot) and initially i thought it was Judas in german, that's totally gone after several more plays! Still has a bit of Rapture and catwalk fashion show type elements. A good single for future directions! 10/10

008. Bloody Mary
Bloody brilliant! This is possibly the closest song in the Fame Monster vain. And i love it lots. Gorgeous softer beats and luscious strings, its a flashback to Gaga 2009. 10/10

009. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion
This follows Bloody Mary both religiously and track listing. Its a bit 80's but stays with the future/electro/pop genre, again this reminds me of Bionic (especially that oooaawwwwhhhh like the start of Not Myself Tonight!)  9/10

010. Bad Kids
This is a definite 80's throwback, the chorus although contradicts the heavy guitar intro, but its all great in the mix. That gorgeous chorus simple yet efeective elements of Nu Shooz I Can't Wait.  8/10

011. Fashion Of His Love
Those cow bells its all 1985 Whitney How Will I Know, but now the chorus screams I Wanna Dance With Somebody!! Its Whitney marrying 1987 to 2011, and just like then goes up another level in the finale! 9/10

012. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
This is a mixed bag. Elements of Bad Romance then concluding to a Faith -George Michael intro. So is this 80's or future? I'm going with the later! 8/10

013. Heavy Metal Lover
Elements of french band Air, with some Goldfrapp included ..its future! 8/10

015. The Queen
The sister of The Edge Of Glory, and instead of a sax solo we get a guitar one, and its definitely weaker. 7/10

016. You And I
This is filler imo. It has strong vocals but otherwise its a bit meh. 7/10

017. The Edge Of Glory
Single #3, Strong vocals and the first single of the 80's calbre, the roots of the 80's  then THAT sax kicks in taking be back to the mid 80's omg!! it's been so long to hear a sax solo in a song, and what a solo it. Definitely a change in style for a  single choice ( could this be because of the less successful Judas ) going the 80's root. A great song, and perfect closer! 10/10

In conclusion its a strong album with some stellar tracks, it definitely a hot mess, but basically enters two territories : future vs 80's, does one bounce of the other for a wider audience, perhaps, but whatever the case may be Lady Gaga has not disappointed. Now we just wait and see how successful it can be.

Album  :  9 / 10

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