Saturday, January 15, 2011

N.E.R.D, Chromeo, BoysNoize & Tinie Temper : LIVE Sydney 7 January 2011

Missed Tinie as we arrived around 9ish after a few red vodkas!

Chromeo performed their set with turntables perched atop a pair of hot, nude, plastic legs – it’s safe to say they tuned up the heat in the Hordern with their new tune; Night by Night. They churned out a few classics as well as some newbie’s, and the crowd took to them like bees to honey.  2 Step was undeniably the highlight and was damn awesome!
Chromeo have an undeniably good sound – smooth, upbeat and surreal all at once. Their 2007 album Fancy Footwork has been described as a frisky, sugary sophomore album, but in concert they come across as anything but sugary. A first-rate warm up dance act would be a safe summary of these boys.

Had Chromeo and BoyzNoize been placed in a 1-3am timeslot at the finale of an all-day dance festival, they probably would have sent the crowd into a considerable state of ecstasy. BoysNoizes’ electro drops and beats that he refers to as ‘acid-house fascinations’ are pretty much guaranteed to get your blood pumping. Using synthesisers and electro-pop tools, Alexander Ridha creates a sound that can get an entire audience moving in just a few beats.

N.E.R.D. however, created a monster. Pharrell Williams, the king of cool, has an on-stage presence that can be rivalled to few, and he knows it too. One over-zealous fan almost orgasmed when he was pulled on-stage to dance alongside the N.E.R.D troop. It’s clear the N.E.R.D. crew have a pretty strong following. But in complete honesty, I think you needed to be a fan to get a real kick out of their concert, but I'm not complaining a complementary ticket always is a winner, many thanks to Laura, luv ya babe!

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