Saturday, January 23, 2010

BDO 2010 A1's Version

Sydney's Big Day Out was all it was expected to, crazy and EPIC!
Here's a quick recount of my day:

Festival : BIG DAY OUT SUMMER 2010
Date: Friday 22nd January 2010
Location: Olympic Park, Sydney
Weather : Hot : 41 degrees Celcius

11am Miami Horror
Think Aussie New Order, very fresh and great way to start the day.
Highlight : Sometimes

11.30am Lisa Mitchell
Cute quirky little aussie girl who created a breezy atmosphere in an already hot morning.
Hightlight : Coin Laundry

12.15pm Blue Juice
A mix of rock, pop, disco electro.
Highlight: Broken Leg

1pm Kisschasy
Damn good aussie pop rock.
Highlight : The Shake, Spray on Pants

1.45pm Decoder Ring
Think organic electronica, free flowing chill out dance.
Highlight : Somersault

2.30pm Kasabian
Only 10 minutes here for the Brit band , had to go to Temper
Highlight : Fire

2.45pm Temper Trap
Seriously the Oz Act of the moment. Faultless!
Highlight : Sweet Disposition

3.15pm Passion Pit
3.40pm Eskimo Joe
4.20pm The Horrors
4.40pm Hill Top Hoods
All great acts but i was not really part of the crowd here it was my chill out, cool off period before the BIG ones:

5.00pm Dizzee Rascal
Took a bit too warm up but damn was last half of his show awesome!
Highlights : Dance Wiv Me, Holiday, Bonkers

6.00pm Lily Allen
My UK girl of 2009, and boy did she live up to all expectations. Absolutley owned "Womanizer" which was an added bonus. Britney only wished she could sing it, live even like this!
Highlights : Everyone's At It, The Fear, Womanizer, Fuck You, 22, Not Fair (Remix). 

7.15pm Calvin Harris
Caught up with Anna a HMV buddy from a few years back, which just made the Calvin experience all the more fantastic.
Highlights : Flashback, I Got All The Girls, I,m Not Alone

Unfortunately missed Simian Mobile Disco for Ladyhawke....I had to !

8.05pm Ladyhawke
Oh my this was epic. She started at sunset and by the last number in was night, adding to atmosphere of Pip's brilliant performance.
Highlights : Dusk to Dawn, Back Of The Van, Paris Is Burning, My Delirium

9.10pm Muse
Absolutely nailed it. Epic sounds and visuals. Lived up to and more than expexted.
Highlights : Undisclosed Desires, Starlight, Plug In Baby, Time Is Running Out

10.30pm Groove Armada
Keeping the dance crowd euphoric.
Highlights : Superstylin', Song for Muyta (Out of Control)

12 hours of glorious music in a festival environment ! I'm still smiling!


ksp said...

Such a great day, although wish our phones hadn't died so we could have seen Lily together :)
I love how at a music festival 2 people can go and have totally different days. My day was so focussed on Oz Rock - yours was almost the complete opposite! Such fun. My highlight was definitely Eskimo Joe, they are always so good and they were the only band I went back and saw yesterday. Only bummer was Amber passing out during their set on Sat! Loved Lily's Womaniser, I said basically the same thing as you did, turned to Amber and said 'so that's what it sounds like live' lol

ww_adh said...

This sounds like such fun. So you really like The Temper Trap? I should check out their album.

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ww_adh said...

Funny how that third line of Chinese characters appears to spell "Sex."