Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Commentary Issue 1334

Commentary Issue 1334

1. The Fear – Lily Allen :
Well the girl returns to the top! And deserved! The song is damn gorgeous, Sophie Ellis- Bextor all over it, to a PSB beat! She’s conquering all the charts… that matter, so yay to Lily! 2009 is your year!

2. Boyfriend – Alphabeat :
Getting highest rotations still, (well not counting Love Etc. – but that’s another story) and has its eye on being Alphabeat’s first #1 watch this space…

3. One Month Off – Bloc Party:
Last weeks #1, drops to 3 due to the intense competition above. This was my fave Bloc Party song on Intimacy so it was always destined to be #1. Still disappointed they didn’t play this live at the gig in Sydney last year!

7. Jizz In My Pants – The Lonely Planet :
Highest new entry goes to The Lonely Planet! Yes it’s all a bit of a joke, but seriously this song is the bomb! Lyrically you cant stop laughing, the rap is faultless, and all to a europop beat that would make even the best producers weep! I love it,…it’s fun and it works!

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