Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Song Of The Year 2004

George Michael's Amazing was my number 1 song of the year in 2004.

i am going to share with you the songs that have over the years bought me a lot of great memories and sometimes the songs that have been there for the not so great memories.

So let's start it with a bang shall we..... ENJOY!!!


dukeystar said...

u should delete all my posts n shit.... but u gotta admit i did good rught? lol

im sure this was ur number 1 song that year

insted of the hampdens i was gonna do a post of stronger by sugababes but fucking cunts wouldnt let ther video be embedded there were like 10 diff copies and all over them were disabled....i dunno why ugh

A1 said...

oh when u went sugababes tis morning i thought oooohh im so over them ..but Stronger is another story..its the BFF story :)